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NOTE: Free RELIGIOUS membership is only for consecrated nuns, sisters, brothers, monks, friars—NOT for Third Order or tertiary members. Sorry!

ClaritasU is an online membership site to help Catholics get clear about their faith. We cover all the issues that keep Catholics feeling nervous, awkward, and afraid, including:

  • Atheism
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Why Be Catholic?
  • Faith and Science
  • The Bible
  • Transgenderism
  • Abortion
  • Contraception
  • Much More!

If you've ever struggled with these topics, then ClaritasU will really help you. And guess what??

Membership is FREE for all Catholic religious brothers and sisters.

It's my way of thanking you for your service to the Church, and to provide tools to help in your ministry.

By signing up as a Catholic religious, you will receive FREE lifetime access to ClaritasU. I only ask one thing in return:

In return, you agree to regularly comment in the Community forums.

That forums are a place where ClaritasU members can ask questions and discuss the lessons. Which means that we need smart, holy people like you to provide answers!

(There's no specific requirement - just dip in and comment as you're able.)

So if that sounds like a fair deal, you can sign-up below.

Please note that signup is by the honor system. Pretending to be a Catholic religious is a serious sin against God and the Church.

(And if you're not a religious but sign up anyways just to get the free content, you can add theft to your mix of sins, too.)

So please only sign up below if you are currently a Catholic religious.

If you are not a Catholic religious, please click one of these buttons:

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I've worked alongside Brandon for some time now. He is a pioneering missionary disciple, whose sense of joy for the Gospel is contagious and reassuring. He brings his energy, enthusiasm, and prodigious intellectual gifts to all his projects.

Bishop Robert Barron 
Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, CA

I am always thrilled with Brandon’s work. He’s knowledgeable, passionate, faithful, and I believe that God is going to do big things through him.

Jennifer Fulwiler
Bestselling author and SiriusXM Radio Host

Brandon Vogt is one of the brightest lights in the American Church. He is such a gift. He has a clear head, a bright spirit, and a heart like a warm fire in a cabin on a snowy night.

Mark Shea
Blogger and Author of By What Authority?

Despite the fact that he's half my age, Brandon Vogt is one of my spiritual mentors, role models, and prayer warriors.

Lisa Hendey
Author and Founder of

Brandon Vogt is among the best of a new generation. As an author, blogger, teacher and apologist, he brings to the faith a zeal tempered by charity, a faithfulness to the Magisterium, and an intuitive grasp of the New Evangelization. I give Brandon my full support.”

Greg Erlandson
Director and Editor-in-Chief of Catholic News Service